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Camp Pendleton vehicle registration

Smog Test Near Me - Military personnel are not required to register their vehicles in California; however, Camp Pendleton requires military personnel vehicles to a pass a California smog test before being allowed to register on base.

A Smog Check Is NOT Required:
1. For new vehicles acquired from a CA dealer.
2. For vehicles with current CA registration.
3. For 1975 model year and older vehicles.
4. For vehicles registered out of state, are six (6) years old or newer and were bought from a CA dealer. The registered owner must show verification that the vehicle was obtained from a CA dealer.
5. For motorcycles

Note: Vehicles from out of state are required to pass all aspects of the CA smog test (Visual, Functional, Emissions). The (2) most common "Failed Smog Check" reasons for service members are: Check Engine Light On and Aftermarket Modifications (i.e. air intake kits, removal of catalytic converters, installed tuners, etc). Modifications legal in other states are not grandfathered into California, so they must be California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved or put back to original specification.

Diesel Smog Check

California requires diesel vehicles 1998 & newer, with a GVRW of 14,000 or less, to receive a smog test for Camp Pendleton vehicle registration.

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