This place was everything and more. Great to have a business in Vista you can trust. Kyle is one cool Dude and has the customer service business down. Thank you!

5 Pass N Go Smog 7/29/2015

Finding the right company to do your smog check for you is frustrating. Had to find the right company who will charge a decent price and find great customer reviews. I found Pass n Go smog on here and decided to give them a call. The said that getting a smog check would cost $59 total, can take less than an hour - depending on how busy they are, and to bring a copy of your registration. I asked if they take appointments and they do so, I scheduled an appt with them on the Sept 18th as early as possible. I went in and they greeted me right when I came in. I told them I had an appt and of course they knew right away it was me - maybe bc I was their first customer haha. Kyle was very helpful and friendly. Made small talk and even offered me a $10 discount bc I told him I found them on yelp. He said that if I checked in i can get a $10 discount. Awesome!While he was processing the paperwork, I was in and out there within 15-20 minutes! Great customer service and very helpful/personable. I'd recommend people to go to this place - even though I live all the way in Escondido.

Wozers! Jill! Even a picture included!! :D We hope everyone will take your advice and do the check-in! It's a good trade! Thanks so much for this review. See you next time :D:D:D Pass 'N Go Smog Center
5 Pass N Go Smog 7/19/2015

Super friendly, super clean, super quick! Great experience.

5 Pass N Go Smog 7/17/2015

This place was great, And very considerate. T knew I was walking to pick up my car, so they called me an hour before they were done so I could get a head start. :D they took real good care of my car, not only did they fix my issues regarding smog, they fixed a minor issue I had with the speedometer, just because it was easy, and I asked about it. I hope they do General repairs, because I want To go to them for all my issues now.

5 Pass N Go Smog 7/11/2015

My recommendation to you about Pass 'N Go is to head there fast! I'm old (unfortunately) to have experienced dozens of smog checks over the years. Pass 'N Go is, by far, the best experience I've ever had.Everybody is very friendly. The lobby is comfortable, neat and air conditioned! There's a big screen TV and free wi-fi to entertain you during the short wait while getting your care tested.Kyle, the owner, seems to sincerely appreciate the business. It's just so rare these days to find a place that just doesn't take customers for granted.Many, many kudos.

Thanks Bill for your support. Great customer service is our priority, and getting reviews letting us know how we are doing keeps us motivated and headed in the right direction. Thanks again for you posting on here, and if there is anything further we can do to be of assistance with your auto, please let us know. - Kyle M. Pass 'N Go Smog Center
5 Pass N Go Smog 7/2/2015

Excellent place to go. I don't look forward to getting a smog check but I will definitely be coming here in the future. Excellent customer service, clean, and fast only took about 12 minutes!

Hi Mon, Thanks for the kind words :D If you are looking to have the same experience with your next oil change, please look us up :D We are starting oil change services in July! Hope to see you sooner than later!!! :D - Kyle M. Pass 'N Go Smog Center
5 Pass N Go Smog 6/13/2015

Kyle and his assistant were awesome!!! Friendly and great service! Thank u for a great experience!

5 Pass N Go Smog 5/26/2015

Great customer service and extremely quick work! Definitely recommend these guys, they really care about their customers

5 Pass N Go Smog 5/20/2015

Well, I must admit I'm a total baby when it comes to anything car. I can no longer depend on my dad to get this kind of stuff done for me, so today I had to be very adult. Having never gotten my own smog checked before, I was a little nervous about a million silly things. I read all the awesome reviews and decided this was the place to go. You guys weren't kidding! What a wonderful & quick experience. The lobby was extremely clean, the friendly woman working told me I could change the channel on the TV to whatever I wanted while I waited for my car to be done. I was the only person there so it was taken back quickly. There's a discount if you check in on yelp!! My car was done within 15 minutes and I was a happy camper. I definitely recommend you come here for your smogging needs. Thanks guys!

Hi Rachel,Thanks for the kind words!! Kendall said to say best of luck on your move, and that he wishes you the very best. We will all miss you!!! :D Pass 'N Go Smog Center
5 Pass N Go Smog 5/15/2015

Fast and easy, and for a reasonable price these guys will get you your tags, no DMV !!!!

Thanks for coming by John, and for the chat! Remember we will be moving May 1 up towards Napa on Melrose. Look forward to the next time, and wish you great success in your business adventures! Best, Kyle Pass 'N Go Smog Center
5 Pass N Go Smog 4/23/2015
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