CA DMV Registration Renewal (Vista & oceanside)

To renew with us in-store, no appointment is necessary and you will be in-and-out within minutes.

  • Bring your renewal notice or any prior years registration card
  • Make sure to inform us if you need a change-of-address.

how to complete dmv renewal

How To Determine CA Vehicle Registration Fees Due
How To Request A Duplicate CA Vehicle Registration Card
How To Request A Duplicate Or Replacement License Plates Or Stickers
How To Complete A Change Of Address For A CA Vehicle Registration
How To Apply CA Vehicle Registration Sticker To License Plate


What If I Have Tickets or Late Fees?
Do I Need A Smog Check?
Are CA Vehicle Registration Fees Tax Deductible?

how to determine ca vehicle registration fees due

Fees can be found on the DMV renewal notification. If you have lost your renewal notice, we can help you in-store or you may use the DMV fee calculator.

How to request a duplicate Ca vehicle registration card

When the original California vehicle registration card has been misplaced, stolen, or is unreadable, you must apply for a official replacement copy. A duplicate registration card request requires the completion of a REG 156 form and include: vehicle plate number, registered owners name, current address, DL number, and signature. You may bring this in-store, or it will be requested to be uploaded when you checkout with our online renewal.

HOW TO REQUEST A DUPLICATE or replacement license plates or stickers

When the original license plate has been misplaced, stolen, damaged or unreadable, you must apply for new sequential plates and/or serialized month or year sticker.

  • Replacement license plates require payment of replacement fees, the completion of a REG 156 form and include: vehicle plate number, registered owners name, current address on DMV records, DL number, and signature. Turn-in of remaining plate(s) are required. This service is currently only available in-store, but can be processed instantly!
  • Replacement stickers require the payment of substitute fees, the completion of a REG 156 form and include: vehicle plate number, registered owners name, current address, DL number, and signature.

how to complete a change of address for a ca vehicle registration

If you are completing your renewal with us online, you will need to attached a DMV14 form during checkout. If you are coming in-store to complete your renewal with us, we will provide you this form at no charge. If you are not renewing your registration, and do not need a registration card with the updated address, you may send mail the DMV14 to: DMV Change of Address, P.O. Box 942859, Sacramento, CA 94259-0001. Future communications from the DMV will be sent to your new address for that vehicle only (not for your DL or for other vehicles - they each need their own change of address forms).

how to apply ca vehicle registration sticker to license plate

Create a clean surface on the rear license plate by thoroughly cleaning it. Remove prior year stickers as well. Dry the plate (if wet, the stickers will not stick). Remove the sticker backing by peeling the tape on the back, and place sticker within the indicated boarders on the license plate. Note: It is good practice to use a box cutter and cut an "X" into the sticker from edge to edge to prevent the sticker from being peeled off in one piece.

Do I need a smog check?

The quickest way to determine if your vehicle requires a smog check is to look at the top of your DMV renewal notice. It will have a stop sign, and verbiage that reads you require a smog check. If you do not see a stop sign or any words that read this, then you do not need a smog to renew your registration. If you have lost your CA DMV registration renewal notice, then we recommend you come inside the store and have us research this for you. If you have a registration card, please bring that in. If you don't have a registration card to bring, that is ok too, we will gather the required information needed from the vehicle itself.

What if I have tickets or late fees?

Not to worry, the DMV allows us to collect any and all additional fees in order to process your registration completely and promptly.

are ca vehicle registration fees tax deductible?

You may claim a tax deduction for your vehicle license fee (VLF) from your CA DMV Registration Renewal. The VLF is listed on the renewal notice itself. Other fees listed (i.e. CHP, registration or weight fee, etc) are not tax deductible. You may claim this deduction one time only per year, so on either your Federal Schedule A or Schedule CA.

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