Deciphering the Failed Smog Test Results

Failed Smog Test - First, if you do not understand the smog test results, ask the smog inspector to explain the reason for the failure. It is important to realize, some failures are not as easy as showing a broken hose, but require a diagnostic by a licensed smog repair technician to diagnose in order to find the answer. Many smog check failures also cause the vehicle to not perform at optimum levels, and may cause the vehicle to consume fuel abnormally, cause the engine to heat up above specified limits, or cause drivability or performance issues. If repaired early, one can expect to save more money in the end, but leaving an issue alone because smog is not due for many months, can cause one problem to turn into many, and ultimately making your failed smog experience more burdensome.

Consumer Assistance Program

When you fail smog check, California has “safety net” programs available that may assist in limiting out of pocket expenses.

1st Option – Repair Assistance
2nd Option – Repair Cost Waiver
3rd Option – Vehicle Retirement

More information for each can be found here.

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