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Check engine light ON

Check Engine Light On - All vehicles that originally came equipped with a check engine light are functionally checked during a smog check in Vista CA and Oceanside. The best place to look to see if your vehicle has a check engine light is in the owner's manual.

A constantly illuminated check engine light is the cause of the vehicle's onboard computer interpreting data it's receiving, from its various monitors, that something is wrong with one or more emissions componet. Each check engine light stores "codes" that give a smog repair technician a good initial start in diagnosing what systems may be involved.

Codes should be thought of like a cough, and it's a smog repair technician's job, like a doctor, to investigate the vehicle's mechanical and electrical systems to determine what's causing the cough. Reading codes are 1 part of a professional diagnostic.

Top 3 reasons vehicles fail smog check for a check engine light

#1 - Bulb burned out
#2 - Fuze to the bulb is blown
#3 - Check engine light is constantly on

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